Borgata Poker Review: Pleasant Player Experience


The best poker software platforms will provide players with everything they need for the smoothest possible experience – and potentially huge payouts due to soft player pools and competition. When looking at landscape of regulated US poker sites, a few factors set Borgata’s poker platform apart; read on to discover more!

Overview on Borgata Poker

For anyone looking for an established, reputable casino to play poker, either online or at a physical casino, the name Borgata holds a lot of prestige. Over the past 20 years, since the doors to the Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa in Atlantic City opened, Borgata has solidified its reputation as a trusted name in the casino industry.

10 years after their brick-and-mortar casino — renowned for its poker rooms — Borgata received its online gambling license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement in 2013. The brand subsequently launched Borgata Poker and the Borgata Online Casino, becoming one of the first legal poker sites and online casinos in the U.S.

Fully licensed and regulated, Borgata Poker offers its customers a safe and secure online gambling experience. Whether a novice or an experienced player, the virtual platform offers all the amenities players need for a top-quality gambling experience, including a shared network (player pool), competitive bonuses, a high-quality MTT schedule, and a user-friendly app.

User Interface

When you want to play poker for a few hours, the last thing you want is a user interface that is confusing and difficult to use. This platform is simple: It allows you to see everything you need to see easily, and makes playing and betting simple on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. It is also easy to start, as all you need to do is sign up, make a deposit, and then you can start playing immediately. Players who prefer a more mobile experience can also download mobile versions of the Borgata Poker app on Android and iOS.

Types of Games Available at Borgata

For any poker enthusiast, finding an online poker room with multiple types of games available is a huge bonus. Only some people want to sit down and just play a few small hands of poker. They may want to put their skills to the test in a tournament format or play high-intensity cash games.

Borgata Poker offers a classic selection of some of the most popular poker variations and a few unique ones to cater to a wide range of player preferences. Their games also have varying stakes so players of all skill levels can enjoy the games, from micro stakes for beginners to high-stakes tables for seasoned pros. The platform ensures that everyone can enjoy their preferred stakes, regardless of what their preferred game format might be, whether it be a Sit & Go (SNG), Multi-table Tournament (MTT), or the FastForward (Fast-fold) variation.

Borgata Daily TournamentsBorgata Daily Tournaments


The online platform offers multiple game types and styles of play. You get regular Hold’em and Omaha tournaments and games with varying pot values or a limited number of hands.

Tournaments will typically offer relatively large payouts as more players enter. While they are challenging to win, many will provide prize money for finishing in the Top 50, Top 25, and the final table.

The Borgata Online Poker room runs MTTs and SNGs all day, every day of the week, including regularly scheduled events like their Sunday $30,000 Guaranteed Tournament.

Some tournaments you can play on Borgata Poker include:

Hot Tables tournamentsDaily C-Note TournamentsDaily Online Poker TournamentsSPINS TournamentsSit & Go TournamentsProgressive Knockout Bounty TournamentsHigh Roller TournamentsBRP Builder Cash Games to help players get more Borgata Rewards Points

Sit & Go

A Sit & Go tournament is ideal for new and inexperienced players. A game starts when the table is full and typically ends within an hour. These tournaments are great for new players as their buy-ins can be as low as $1, and there isn’t much competition. There are also variations of Sit & Go tournaments with multiple tables, and you can play against up to 50 people. This is a great way to test your strategies and build your skills against different playing styles.

Cash Games

While not as popular as tournaments, cash games are easily the best way to play poker at your own pace, and as the name suggests, there is a lot of money to be won. Cash games don’t have a start or end time; you can join and leave tables as you please. While these games can be a challenging test of your poker skills, they can be used as a true training ground, with the rewards for victory being worth the time and effort.

Regarding non-Hold‘em cash games, the platform offers Three Card, Four Card, and Seven Card Stud cash games, as well as Omaha.

Game Variations

You can play different poker variations within the different game formats. Three of the most popular are No Limit Hold’em, Hold’em, and Pot Limit Omaha.

No-limit Hold’em

No Limit Hold’em and regular Limit Hold’em are the same card game, but the most significant difference is how you bet and raise. In a No Limit game, you can bet as much as you want and raise as many times as you wish; the limits don’t exist. This is the type of poker they play at the World Series of Poker and is why you will often see bets of a few thousand, to sometimes a bet of a million or two, being played. Borgata offers No Limit Hold ‘em cash games, with nine-handed, six-handed, and heads-up tables available.

Limit Hold’em

Limit Hold’em is simply the limited version of No-Limit. The size of the bets and the amount of raises are determined at the beginning of the game, and it is typically a game place for beginners to start. While some risk is involved, you can keep more control of your bankroll and can’t be bullied into or pushed out of high-stakes hands. Borgata Poker’s Limit Hold ‘em games run with limits from 2 cents/4 cents to as much as $30 to $60.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Omaha is a poker variation in which each player is dealt four cards that only they can see, and then there are five cards dealt face up, which are the community cards. Players must then make a hand using two of their cards and three of the community cards. Pot-limit Omaha is limited to pot-sized bets and raises at maximum— similarly to Limit Hold’em is having bets and raises limited before the hand is being dealt. Stakes for Borgata’s Pot Limit Omaha games — offered in both hi-lo and hi-only variants — range from 1 cent/2 cents through to $25/$50.

How is the Competition Inside the Poker Network

One of the biggest draws of using a platform like this is the aspect of competition, improving your mindset and skills, and learning from better players. This competition adds to the tension and intensity of a game, and it also makes you play better in a way. With all the different tournaments Borgata Poker offers, the spirit of friendly competition is always just one click away. Plus, because Borgata’s virtual platform operates on the PartyPoker US Network, it shares liquidity and traffic with both PartyPoker and BetMGM websites. This shared player pool allows for a larger and more active player base, meaning more games, bigger tournaments, and sometimes even more significant payouts for players.

What is Borgata Poker Rake and Rakeback

Borgata Poker uses a structured rake system for its different game types, including limit cash games, heads-up cash games, and no-limit & pot-limit cash games. The rake varies based on factors like pot size and the number of players involved, with maximum rake caps for each scenario.

Borgata Poker’s generated rake is calculated by dividing the total pot by the number of players contributing to the pot. This is then allocated as a proportion of the actual money each player contributed to the pot.

Tournament fees at Borgata Poker are determined by the buy-in amount, with fees ranging from 0% to 25% of the buy-in. The specific tournament fees are all displayed on the buy-in screen during the registration process for each tournament.

Borgata Poker Deposit BonusBorgata Poker Deposit Bonus

Borgata Poker Deposit bonus

Borgata offers you a nice 100% Welcome Offer up to $1,000, which needs to be wagered 15x on the plaftorm during your first 30 days of playing to clear the whole bonus.

What Banking Methods Are Available at Borgata Poker

Borgata Poker offers a plethora of convenient and secure transactions for its players through various banking methods.

You have the following deposit options:

VIP Preferred™ e-checksPrepaid Play+VISA or MastercardPayPalSkrillAmerican ExpressDiscoverApple PayElectronic transfers directly from a player’s online banking accountPayNearMe (By using PayCodes obtained from the cashier at local stores like 7-Eleven)By visiting the cashier window at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa resort in Atlantic City

Players also have the following withdrawal options:

Play+PayPalVIP Preferred™Check By Mail (not available as a deposit method)SkrillBorgataOnline Banking

Borgata Poker Customer Support

Borgata Poker offers 24/7 support through the Live Chat feature on their website, but players are also able to contact their customer support team by emailing [email protected] or by calling +1 877 448 5833.

Promotions at Borgata Poker

Finally, daily and weekly promotions are easily among the best bonuses when playing online poker. You can get deposits, joining, referrals, and many more bonuses. Bonuses are a great way to maximize your games and potential profits. They are also great if you don’t want to bet with too much money or have a limited bankroll. Bonuses give you some extra money to make bigger bets or to make your playing sessions last longer.


If you are a poker lover or looking to play a few hands, Borgata offers a great way to explore one of the most popular card games in the world. Besides, online poker is also one of the most fun ways to play games with friends or strangers, as long as you only play with money that you can afford to lose. It’s best to rely on both skill and luck – and enjoy the experience on a platform that offers a slick UI with great games.

Author: Dennis Williams