End of the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’? Cowboys Poised to Host a Pair of NFC Playoff Games at AT&T Stadium


Have you heard the saying that eventually every poker player win run worse than they ever thought is possible? If this has happened to you, it’s helpful to know it’s not a unique phenomenon for poker.

You see, many games and sports share the same traits as poker, where your competitive edge (measured in bb/100 in poker) might come from very tiny factors and details. This means there will be variance in the results, and streaks of bad result – even to the point where you might say that you’re ‘jinxed’.

A great example of this is found in NFL. The Dallas Cowboys have struggled in the playoffs for a while, and some fans link this to the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’ from the ’90s when their former coach left. But things might change this year. The upcoming NFC playoffs could be a game-changer for them, as they can play important games at their home stadium, AT&T Stadium. This could be the key to finally breaking the curse.

This introduction talks about how the Cowboys might finally have a shot at ending their playoff jinx. It’s about exploring if playing at home can change their luck and help them break free from the curse hanging over the team for years. Check a list of sites to gamble on NFL here, and if you are a Cowboys, the merrier.

Understanding the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’

The ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’ is a big part of the Dallas Cowboys’ story. It started when their coach, Jimmy Johnson, left in the mid-’90s. Since then, the team has had a tough time in the playoffs, even though they do well in the regular season. The Cowboys have yet to be able to turn their success at AT&T Stadium into playoff wins.

Playing at home should be an advantage, but it’s been tricky for them in the playoffs. They face unexpected challenges and haven’t met expectations. Some surprising losses and significant moments in games have made people believe there’s something unlucky about the team during important playoff games.

Cowboys’ Home Advantage in the Playoffs

The Cowboys have an excellent chance to play NFC playoff games at AT&T Stadium because they usually perform well in the regular season. They’ve won many games and have a strong history of winning at home. They play a balanced game, using both their offense and defense effectively.

When they’re attacking, they make the most of their talented players, strong offense, and support from the crowd. On the defensive side, they show resilience and make it challenging for other teams to play well. Playing at home boosts the team’s confidence and helps them believe they can win.

This is similar to playing poker games where you have the edge:

Your strategy is sound & balancedYou make less mistakes than your opponentsYou know exactly where your edge is coming fromOver the long term, you see more wins than losses

Professional football and poker share many same traits after all!

Anyways, back to the home advantage: The team knows the stadium well, has great support from fans, and feels comfortable playing there. This gives the Cowboys hope for the playoffs and a chance to break the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’ right home.

Breaking Down the NFC Playoff Picture

As the NFL regular season ends, the NFC playoff situation becomes clearer, showing a chance for the Dallas Cowboys to host important playoff games at AT&T Stadium. They’re among the top teams in the NFC, aiming for a good playoff position. Looking at the NFC playoff standings, we can see where the Cowboys stand and how they might benefit from playing at home.

Different scenarios could happen in the playoffs, deciding who the Cowboys play against and if they get to play at home. Playing at AT&T Stadium has perks like having supportive fans, knowing the place well, and feeling comfortable there. But it also brings pressure to perform well because of high expectations, especially when trying to break the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’ in the playoffs.

Thinking about these advantages and challenges sets up an exciting story for the playoffs, making fans and experts wonder how the Cowboys will do and if they can overcome past hurdles on their home ground.

Factors Influencing the Cowboys’ Playoff Prospects

The Dallas Cowboys’ chances in the playoffs depend on a few important things. Firstly, it’s about how well their main players work together, the smart strategies from their coaches, and dealing with any injuries as they prepare for the playoffs.

The team has great players like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott and strong defenders like DeMarcus Lawrence, Micah Parsons, and Trevon Diggs. These players have played a significant role in the team’s success. The coaching by Mike McCarthy and his team is also important. Their plans for the playoffs will make a big difference in how the team performs.

But injuries are a big concern. If key players get hurt, it could change how the team plays in the playoffs. Keeping an eye on injured players and how quickly they recover will be necessary for the team’s chances in the playoffs. However, this will affect how strong and prepared they are for big playoff games and their aim to break the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’ for playoff success.

Changing the Narrative: Can the ‘Curse’ be Broken?

The mysterious ‘Jimmy Johnson curse’ has been a big topic among Cowboys fans. Some think it’s just a superstition, while others believe it’s real because the team has had a hard time in the playoffs since Johnson left. But the current Cowboys team is different. They have a lot of talented players, especially Dak Prescott, leading a strong offence, a good running game, and a solid defence. This team looks promising and doesn’t seem like the past teams that struggled in the playoffs.

The Cowboys have done well in the regular season, playing well-balanced games and winning at home. This shows they have what it takes to overcome their past problems. People discuss whether they can break the curse at home in the playoffs. Some doubt it because of history, but others are hopeful because of the team’s current strengths. The upcoming playoffs will tell if the Cowboys can change their playoff story and make a new and successful chapter.


The Dallas Cowboys have a big chance to host NFC playoff games at AT&T Stadium, marking a crucial moment in their playoff story. As the regular season ends, they might get the advantage of playing at home, giving them a shot at ending the ‘Jimmy Johnson curse.’ Fans are excited, and experts are analyzing every detail. Everyone hopes this could change the team’s fortunes.

Playing at home is a huge deal. AT&T Stadium is special; it is not just a place to play but a place where the Cowboys want to change their playoff history. Despite the ‘curse,’ the team is strong, has great fan support, and feels good playing at home. The upcoming playoffs allow the Cowboys to make a new story without the past troubles. It’s not just about football; it’s about their resilience, redemption, and breaking free from an old jinx.

Author: Dennis Williams